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16- Week Bootcamp

Virtual Instructor

Tableau, SQL, Excel

In just 16 weeks, journey through a comprehensive accelerated curriculum and gain the skills needed to understand, analyze and visualize data. Through our proven training strategy, participants understand what it means to be data literate – the ability to read, understand and think critically about data. Throughout the bootcamp, participants work in a collaborative environment, learning to proficiently collect, clean, analyze, and visualize data using SQL, Excel and Tableau.


Practice your skills on bi-weekly projects using real world data sets to design a final visualization to communicate insight. Take full advantage of this unique bootcamp by taking the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam. Upon completion of the bootcamp, participants will have the foundation of a hybrid analyst – a business analyst with data analytical skills.

Also, part-time evening classes allows participants to fit #MAD’s Virtual Analyst Bootcamp into any schedule.

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1 Day Bootcamp

Virtual Instructor

Tableau, Tableau Public

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience at our one-day Tableau Beginner Bootcamp, an intensive 8-hour workshop that guarantees a solid foundation in Tableau. Throughout the day, participants will not only explore Tableau fundamentals, mastering the creation of diverse charts and calculations, but will also delve into the realm of data literacy fundamentals.


Understand how to think critically about data, enhancing your ability to interpret and analyze information with precision. Leveraging Tableau as our primary tool for data analysis, you'll seamlessly integrate your skills into real-world scenarios. The highlight of the bootcamp is the hands-on session where you'll craft an impactful dashboard that will be showcased on each participant's Tableau Public. 

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