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1-Day 8 Hour Virtual

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience at our one-day Tableau Beginner Bootcamp, an intensive 8-hour workshop that guarantees a solid foundation in Tableau. Throughout the day, participants will not only explore Tableau fundamentals, mastering the creation of diverse charts and calculations, but will also delve into the realm of data literacy fundamentals.


Understand how to think critically about data, enhancing your ability to interpret and analyze information with precision. Leveraging Tableau as our primary tool for data analysis, you'll seamlessly integrate your skills into real-world scenarios. The highlight of the bootcamp is the hands-on session where you'll craft an impactful dashboard that will be showcased on each participant's Tableau Public. 

*A laptop with a camera and mic is required for this event. 

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Upcoming Session    

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Instructor: Chantilly Jaggernauth


Virtual Instructor Led Session using  Zoom


 There are no prerequisites for the course


$495 (free for students accepted through the application process)


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Business professionals working in an environment where understanding data is of importance.

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Students who wish to learn data skills not covered by the school’s curriculum.

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Analysts who want to learn new technical skills.

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Individuals interested in learning to visualize and communicate better with data.

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Individuals who seek to enter a new field and want to have data skills as a way in.


Below is an outline that the 1-day bootcamp will follow along with the topics for each section. 

Introduction to Data Fundamentals:

  • Solid overview of data fundamentals and data analytics workflow.

  • Understand how to transform business questions into analytical questions.

Introduction to Tableau:

  • Overview of Tableau and its role in data analysis and visualization.

  • Understanding the Tableau interface and workspace.

Data Connection:

  • Connecting to different data sources (Excel, CSV, databases, etc.) in Tableau.

  • Importing and preparing data for analysis.

Data Exploration:

  • Exploring data in Tableau through the Data Source tab.

  • Reviewing and cleaning data using Tableau's data preparation tools.

Basic Visualizations:

  • Creating basic charts and graphs (bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, etc.).

  • Customizing visualizations to convey specific insights.

Filters and Parameters:

  • Implementing filters to focus on specific data subsets.

  • Utilizing parameters to make visualizations more interactive.

Dashboard Creation:

  • Building interactive dashboards with multiple visualizations.

  • Designing dashboards for effective communication of insights.

Calculations and Formulas:

  • Introduction to calculated fields and table calculations.

  • Using formulas to derive new insights from the data.

Advanced Visualizations:

  • Implementing advanced charts (treemaps, heat maps, box plots, etc.).

  • Exploring storytelling techniques through visualizations.

  • Following best practices for efficient data visualization.

Tableau Server and Sharing:

  • Overview of Tableau Server and sharing options.

  • Publishing and sharing dashboards with others.

Case Studies and Hands-On Projects:

  • Analyzing real-world datasets using Tableau.

  • Working on hands-on projects to reinforce learning.


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Solid foundation of Tableau and data analytics following the training.

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Access to the #MAD Slack community where jobs are posted and mentorship is available.

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Exclusive comprehensive curriculum developed from scratch.

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Ability to gather requirements for key stakeholders in order to add business value based on data analysis.

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Ability to be effectively read and interpret charts and various visualizations.

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30-Day access to the Bootcamp recording following the event.


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