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16-Week Part-Time Virtual

In just 16 weeks, journey through a comprehensive accelerated curriculum and gain the skills needed to understand, analyze and visualize data. Through our proven training strategy, participants understand what it means to be data literate – the ability to read, understand and think critically about data. Throughout the bootcamp, participants work in a collaborative environment, learning to proficiently collect, clean, analyze, and visualize data using SQL, Excel and Tableau.


Practice your skills on bi-weekly projects using real world data sets to design a final visualization to communicate insight. Take full advantage of this unique bootcamp by taking the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam. Upon completion of the bootcamp, participants will have the foundation of a hybrid analyst – a business analyst with data analytical skills.

Also, part-time evening classes allows participants to fit #MAD’s Virtual Analyst Bootcamp into any schedule.

*A laptop with a camera and mic is required for this event. 

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Upcoming Cohorts    

#MAD11 Spring 2024 Professional Cohort

(Instructor: Chantilly Jaggernauth) 

#MAD11 Spring 2024 Student Cohort

(Instructor: Chantilly Jaggernauth)


Virtual Instructor Led Sessions using  Zoom


 There are no prerequisites for the course


$1795 (free for students accepted through the application process)


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Business professionals working in an environment where understanding data is of importance.

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Students who wish to learn data skills not covered by the school’s curriculum.

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Analysts who want to learn new technical skills.

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Individuals interested in learning to visualize and communicate better with data.

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Individuals who seek to enter a new field and want to have data skills as a way in.


Cover 8 units in just 16-weeks and receive a solid foundation in the topics discussed. Each unit consists of trainings, exercises, assessments, and business case studies. Also, participants will have a minimum of 7 visualizations/dashboards to showcase the skills learned in each unit.

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Unit 1. 

Data Fundamentals & Gathering Requirements


Unit 5.

Clean, Calculate & Aggregate Data using  Tableau


Unit 2. 

Intro to Databases & Retrieve Data Using SQL

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Unit 6.

Analyze & Explore Data Using Statistics


Unit 3. 

Combine & Transform Data Using SQL & Tableau

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Unit 7.

Visualize & Communicate Results


Unit 4.

Clean, Calculate & Aggregate Data using SQL

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Unit 8.

Boot Camp Recap & Certification Prep


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Data Literacy & Data Fundamentals

Unit 1

  • Solid overview of data fundamentals and data analytics workflow.

    • Explore the value of data.

    • Learn about the various data types and formats.

  • Apply and understand data analytics workflow to business cases.

  • Understand how to transform business questions into analytical questions.

    • Change business questions into analytical questions.

    • Discover how to answer business questions from an analytical view.

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Data Analysis & Exploration Using Tableau & Excel 

Units 3-6

  • Learn the foundation and technical aspects of Tableau.

    • Combine data using joins, unions and blends.

    • Create basic and intermediate calculations in Tableau.

    • Clean, manipulate, explore and analyze data using Tableau.

  • Explore data using statistics in Excel and Tableau.

    • Learn measures of central tendency, measures of position and measures of spread.

    • Calculate linear regression equations, percentiles, standard deviation, variance, quartiles, interquartile range, correlation, and r-squared.


Manage Data Using SQL

Units 2-5

  • Learn how SQL is used within relational databases and the overall foundation of databases​.

  • Retrieve, combine, filter and aggregate data using SQL.

    • Retrieve data using SELECT, FROM

    • Combine data using LEFT JOIN, INNER JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, UNION

    • Filter data using WHERE, ORDER BY LIMIT

    • Aggregate data using GROUP BY, SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT

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Visualize & Communicate Results Using Tableau

Unit 7

  • Clearly visualize and communicate data using Tableau’s interactive dashboard feature.

    • Design interactive dashboards using visual best practices.

    • Learn how to effectively use color and layout a dashboard.

  • Create a shareable online portfolio that showcases each visualization created.

    • Identify ways to design visualizations so they inform without misleading.

    • Effectively use chart types to answer specific questions.

    • Learn design secrets to take visualizations to the next level.


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Ability to understand, retrieve, combine, clean, analyze and visualize data.

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Ability to use statistical techniques to further explore and analyze data.

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Opportunity to take (paid for by #MAD) and successfully pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam.

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Online portfolio to showcase project work that can be shared and viewed by others.

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Ability to be more employable by highly sought - after employers.

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Ability to gather requirements for key stakeholders in order to add business value based on data analysis.

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Ability to be effectively read and interpret charts and various visualizations.

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Access to the #MAD community and introduction to the Tableau community from Tableau Visionary, Chantilly Jaggernauth.

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Opportunity to write blogs for #MAD to discuss your journey and skills learned.



Exclusive comprehensive curriculum developed from scratch.


Weekly evaluations provided to participants to track their performance.


Combination of data literacy training, SQL training, technical Tableau training, data storytelling training and design concepts.


Experienced instructors who have each been trained individually by Chantilly Jaggernauth. 


Personal feedback for projects completed during the bootcamp.


Over 50 hands-on exercises and 7 business case study projects with personal feedback.


Opportunity to earn a Tableau Certification in 16-weeks. 


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