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Welcome to the #MAD6 Cohort!

On September 7th, we welcomed the latest #MAD Analyst Bootcamp cohort. So far, the participants have learned to effectively gather requirements, connect and query data using SQL, and transform data using Tableau. With the participants currently being at the half-way point in the program, we thought we would share a few highlights from some of our students. Read more about their experiences below!

"Whether you are an experienced analyst or a rookie, when you join the Millennials and Data analyst bootcamp, you will instantly have access to the best curriculum and instructor in the field. Chantilly Jaggernauth has a unique ability to teach complicated subjects with very easy and practical examples. She also provides a wide variety of tools that will make a huge positive impact in your ability to perform analysis and communicate the insights through visualizations. This training is a great way to help experienced professionals polish their analytical and visualization skills. For less experienced individuals, this training is a fantastic foundation. This training is designed to take your professional career to the next level."

-Cecilia Vargas, #MAD6 Professional

"I am also really enjoying the structure of the bootcamp and the how I am able to apply concepts about data that I have learned in class into real data visualization projects each week! You provide a great overview of different features and tricks to make our visualizations more engaging. What I find most helpful with this bootcamp is the personalized video feedback you provide for each dashboard we create as this allows me to improve and fine-tune my data visualization skills!"

-Mavis Huang, #MAD6 Student

"Being a part of #MAD6 has had benefits beyond what we learn in the bootcamp. I was intimidated by the subject matter, because my background is primarily in social work, but the way that Chantilly teaches and the accessibility she gives to us has been incredibly helpful. When I first saw Tableau, I couldn't get past connecting the data sources, and I'm now figuring out how to make dashboards, and take it a little further each week. After every class, I find myself more inspired to apply these new skills within my job, and I look forward to 'telling the story' in a new way moving forward."

-Jeniffer Abdullah, #MAD6 Professional

"Being able to have someone that's specialized in Tableau is a real lottery. Not even in College have I received that kind of support experience and to create Projects to show for its use is what employers want. Aside from employers, its a skill that can be used to better understand data that we have interests in finding answers to."

-Pablo Manuel Tenf, #MAD6 Student

"This course so far is great because...It's not just about Tableau, it's about all of the tools you'll need as an analyst - including SQL, managing client expectations, and building your professional network. Chantilly is a great teacher who balances approachability and expertise. As an experienced Tableau user looking to expand my data analytics skills and build a portfolio, I've still gotten tons of valuable tips and tricks. Everything from best practices around adding plenty of white space to your dashboard layout to just learning that you can add a word to a marks label - there's at least one light bulb moment every class. Our projects have been incredibly relevant to common professional use cases. We're working with real data on projects that might be very similar to future applications. I have really enjoyed the course so far and I'm excited about what's coming next!"

-Elisa Davis, #MAD6 Professional

"I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be apart of this MAD6cohart, Chantilly is a wealth of knowledge and has the impressive skill of simplifying complex concepts. As a student, I appreciate the small class sizes and the comfortable atmosphere that welcomes participation. I’m happy I chose MAD."

-Feronica Foreman, #MAD6 Professional

We hope all of our participants continue to have great success throughout the rest of the program. Check out the full #MAD6 cohort here!



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