12-Week Part-Time Virtual

In just 12 weeks, journey through a comprehensive accelerated curriculum and gain the skills needed to understand, analyze and visualize data using Tableau. Through our proven training strategy, participants gain the skills needed to successfully pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam. Throughout the bootcamp, participants work in a collaborative environment, learning to proficiently retrieve, combine, analyze, and visualize data using Tableau.

Practice your skills on bi-weekly projects using real world data sets to design a final visualization to communicate insight. Upon completion of the bootcamp, participants are proficient in using Tableau to dive deeper into their data and answer analytical questions. In addition, participants will have the skills needed to create interactive dashboards that convey insight using visualization best practices.

Also, part-time evening classes allows participants to fit #MAD’s Tableau Certification Bootcamp into any schedule.


Upcoming Cohorts    

Coming  in 2020!


Virtual Instructor Led Sessions using Canvas and Zoom


Participants are required to have prior experience in working with data.



*A laptop with a camera and mic is required for this event. Tableau Desktop is also required.


Tableau users who want to solidify their Tableau skills and take the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam.

Analysts who are familiar with using data and want to learn Tableau.

Beginner Tableau users who want to advance their skills within 12 weeks.

Individuals who want to better be able to explore, understand and gain insights from data.


  • Connect to data sources

  • Save data sources

  • Data extracts

  • Tableau files types

  • Organize data using hierarchies

  • Change data types

  • Export data

Connect to Data

  • Bar Chart – stacked, side by side

  • Tables – text, highlight, heatmap

  • Line chart

  • Pie chart

  • Scatter plot

  • Combined axis chart

  • Maps

  • Treemaps

  • Area charts

Chart Types

  • Join data from the same or different data sources

  • Union data

  • Blend data

  • Pivot data

  • Filter data

  • Split data

Combine & Manipulate Data

  • Chart type best practices

  • Format charts and dashboards

  • Create dashboards

  • Create stories

  • Device layout

  • Export images and PDFs

  • Share dashboards

Visualizations & Dashboards

  • Create basic calculations

  • Apply quick table calculations

  • Create table calculations

  • Create logical calculations

  • Create date calculations

  • Change default aggregations

Aggregations & Calculations

  • Create and apply parameters

  • Create sets

  • Create groups

  • Dashboard actions

  • Reference lines

  • Explore the analytics pane

  • Bins

Additional Features


Ability to understand, retrieve, combine, clean, analyze and visualize data using Tableau.

Opportunity to take (paid for by #MAD) and successfully pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam.

Access to the #MAD community and introduction to the Tableau community from Tableau Zen Master, Chantilly Jaggernauth.

Weekly practice exams to help prepare for the certification exam.

Opportunity to write blogs for #MAD to discuss your journey and skills learned.

Online portfolio to showcase project work that can be shared and viewed by others.


Exclusive comprehensive curriculum developed from scratch.

Over 30 hands-on exercises and 5 business case study projects with personal feedback.

Personal feedback for projects completed during the bootcamp.

Weekly evaluations provided to participants to track their performance.

Office hours and mentoring made available to each participant.

Opportunity to earn a Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification in 12 weeks.



Coming in 2020!


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